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5 Fresh Decor Ideas for Spring

May 11th, 2016

We've all struggled to master the oh-so-chic gallery wall by now, right? You've sought out the perfectly mismatched frames, painstakingly laid them out on the floor before figuring out how best to put them on the wall in an order that is both random, and as if curated by the MET. Well, you can put away your  levels and your masking tape, my friends, as I've come to bring you 5 new alternatives to a gallery wall that will spruce up any empty space you have:

1. Flower Wall: Flowers easily brighten any space, so take them out of the vase on the table and put them on your wall! Try making a cute flower chain and hang them from the ceiling, or hit up West Elm for some of their clear wall planters. The light, airy, and colourful decor will put a smile on your face every morning. Until they die that is, but then there's always fake flowers, too.

2. Orgami: Now's the time to try your hand at origami like you always said you would in College. Take any paper you have (this is a good way to recycle all those newspapers you have lying around) and make some flowers or swans, or even a simple paper airplane. Tie them together, or just stick them straight to the wall for easy, 3D decor. 

3. Mural Wall: Handy with a paint brush, or know a friend who is? Put them to work and make your whole wall into a mural. Whether a calming, monochrome mountain scene, or a vibrant Jackson Pollock-esque masterpiece, this will take your drab one-colour wall to a whole new level. 

4. Macrame: This 70's trend you wore in your hippie phase is back. This time, put it on your wall for a calm, cozy look. The thick yarn cascading down the wall is both striking, and calming. Texture warms up the space, while going for a bold colour brings life back into an empty room. And, if you don't know how to macrame and Pinterest has failed you, don't worry, I promise you can find some gorgeous local pieces on Etsy.

5. Book Wall: Get rid of those bulky bookshelves you have taking up every corner and put those books on the wall! Making small floating shelves across the wall piled with colour-coordinated books makes the space beautiful and practical. Now, you can show off that impressive Nicholas Sparks collection, or at least clean up the books your kids leave behind to step on all day. Just remember to get sturdy shelves, complete with proper anchoring, that can support the weight of books all day and night long.