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Outdoor Lighting: How to make your home light up

May 11th, 2016

Sitting on the porch, or deck, looking out onto your beautifully landscaped yard that you worked so hard on, enjoying the cool summer night breeze; that’s the kind of summer nights people are thinking about in the early days of May. But, what if your planters and garden, rocks and statues, trees and hedges are hidden by the darkened night sky? Lighting up your yard is becoming easier and easier for those who are wanting to enjoy the night air (while they still can from fear of mosquitoes), and enjoy the landscape they worked so hard on. There’s tons of lighting options out there, be it solar, battery, or conventional wires/cables; so, which do you choose? And, where do you place them? How much is too much? Here are some five tips on how to light up your yard:

1. Strategically placing lights under front trees will light up the foliage, showcasing your yard and home, and casting a soft glow over the leaves. Depending on your brightness preference, battery (softer/doesn't last as long); solar (bright); and plug-in (brightest) options are available.

2. Any trees or hedges near sitting areas, patios, or decks look great with string lights wrapped around the trunk, around deck rails, or strewn throughout the leaves. Small bulbs, medium-sized, or large specifically designed bulbs will give off different affects, while twinkling in the leaves or deck rails.

3. You can get these next helpers on the cheap (Walmart - $2-3) or spend a little extra (from $8-15/each). Small posts lining your driveway, walk, or garden is one of the easiet ways to light up your yard. There are many different kinds to choose from: hanging lanterns, simple posts, globes, squares, or even coloured.

4. Speaking of colour, light up your planters with some adorable flower lights. They can look just like tulips, roses, daisies, and provide a bit of shine for your flowers. Not the brightest in the options, these lights are mainly aesthetic.

5. Table-lamps, chandeliers, solar-light-everything are taking over the stage and getting more exciting and fanicer each and every year. Thanks to Pinterest and Etsy tutorials on how to make your own Mason Jar solar chandeliers, companies are now making it easier for those of us who aren't that crafty, or who just don't own a glue gun. From the fancy to the practical, chandeliers can be hung up under patio umbreallas, pergolas, or from a tree bow. You can place table-lamps anywhere reading a book may take place, add a few outdoor throw pillows and you have  your very own cozy place to curl up - even as the sun sinks down.