Judy Lindsay Team News

Severe Weather Patterns Brings New Beginnings for Infrastructure

July 18th, 2016

Global warming doesn’t just have to do with warmer temperatures all over the world; with it comes massive climate changes, including severe weather events happening in more frequent, and quick, manners. This affects all areas of life, from crops; our own yards; people’s health; vacations; and of course, buildings. Although people have been warned about climate change and global warming for decades now, we’re just beginning to listen and understand the changing weather patterns in our lives. This includes major changes with engineers and property developers. As increased natural disasters occur, building developers are getting together with engineers and are coming up with designs that will better equip infrastructure for any damages that would occur in severe weather storms and events.

While there’s nothing they can do about forest fires taking down whole buildings in minutes, such as those in Fort McMurray (at least until the invention of destruction-proof buildings, a far way off in the future), developers and engineers can change little things about the building that can withhold larger damages. These changes include building away from forest zones that are prone to forest fires; building up, and/or away, from flood zones; changing where electrical wires lay; and other modifications to better equip infrastructure for severe weather changes such as heavy snowfall and torrential thunderstorms.

Each of these changes would occur in buildings pertaining to their natural element problems, making infrastructure throughout Canada a little more pro-active. These changes may not be the be-all-end-all protection that we would all like, but it’s a great start to protecting our infrastructure, families, and friends during severe weather conditions.