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Top Agent Magazine Article

February 5th, 2019

Article in Top Agent Magazine

Allan Asplin grew up with real estate in his blood. His late mother, an agent since 1984, had led her team to the #1 spot in Manitoba’s marketplace back in 1996 and supported Allan’s efforts as he broke into the business. In the nearly two decades since, Allan has continued his mother’s legacy and crafted a commendable career in his own right. What’s more, he has maintained his team’s leading status in the region, while cultivating a reputation for abiding professionalism, strategic marketing, and a winning track record.

Today, Allan heads Judy Lindsay Team Realty, comprised of fifteen agents serving the greater Winnipeg region. There, Allan has managed to drive roughly 90% of his business through repeat and referral clientele—a testament to his staying power and the authentic relationships he forms with clients. In describing his professional philosophy, Allan cites personalized service, kindness, and the delivery of results as the key factors in his team’s success thus far. “We focus on creating concierge-style service for our clients,” he explains. “At the end of the day, it’s about performing, delivering good results, and doing what we say we’re going to do.” Beyond executing transactions with efficiency and expertise, Allan and his team also value a personal touch. To keep connections alive long after the closing table, they host an annual client appreciation event that they personally invite clients to by phone, bringing new and familiar faces together. “Our clients get to know so many of our team members during a transaction—from that first input call to working with our photographer or listing specialists,” Allan says. “Everyone on our team is hands-on and involved, and clients give us great feedback because we believe in treating others how we would want to be treated.”

When it comes to the listing process, Allan and his team use a strategic approach that has consistently yielded results over the years. Beginning with a consultation to review timelines and any potential work required, Allan then hosts an agent tour to gather valuable feedback prior to a home’s debut. From there, professional photography and other high-quality promotional materials—from video to 3D virtual tours—create an immersive impression for prospective buyers. “Everything is very timeline-oriented,” Allan says. “We do the things that will maximize our client’s return on investment and adjust our techniques to achieve the best results per property.”
Beyond the office, Allan and his team give back to their community through sponsorships of local teams and schools, and are avid supporters of Winnipeg Harvest. In his free hours, Allan most enjoys time spent with his wife and four children, and relishes the occasional round of golf. As a long-time licensed pilot, he also enjoys flying. Now, considering the future of his business, Allan intends to continue his steady momentum as his team evolves. “I’ve had eighteen years in this business, so now we’re looking at what our next stages are,” he says. “We’d like to support our team members as they grow and reach their individual goals, which also supports the team’s goals and growth as a whole.”

Now, with a lengthy industry tenure behind him and a promising path still ahead, Allan Asplin considers some of the lessons he has learned along the way. “We’re a big city with a small-town feel, and in all our team meetings we discuss the ultimate goal of a transaction: to make a friend,” he reflects. “We’re always looking for opportunities to help others from that perspective. From taking out the garbage to giving someone a ride—it’s about doing the little things you wouldn’t expect agents to help out with. We try to be a true friend even after the transaction and be their realtor for life.”