Smart Seller Program with Judy Lindsay Team

This written guarantee will give you the assurance that if your home doesn't sell, we will buy it for your upfront guaranteed amount.

A common home seller dilemma is whether you should buy your new home first and then sell your current home. Or, if you should sell your home first and then begin looking, with the clock ticking on both instances. Either way, you'll likely end up feeling stressed at the thought of owning two homes at once - or none at all!

We can Guarantee the sale of your current home in writing. If, after 90 days, your home has not yet sold we’ll buy it for cash. It’s as easy as that. We simply sit down and determine a guaranteed sale price for your home. The benefits to you are:

  • A guaranteed purchase by Judy Lindsay Team Realty, in writing, will get you mortgage approval for your new home purchase;
  • It eliminates the stress of deciding whether to sell first or buy first;
  • When you purchase another home you can present a clean, uncomplicated offer. With mortgage pre-approval, you are like a cash buyer and this could save you money on your purchase;
  • As a home seller you are more likely to get a firm, clean offer from a buyer because we can guarantee the sale of their home; and
  • We are taking the risks so you and your family can feel comfortable and rest easy while purchasing your new home.

If you would like more information about this programor would like to contact one of our agents give us a call at (204) 925-2900 or 1-877-262-7072 or fill out the contact form to the right and we will get back to you. Or, even easier, use our contact form here contact us.

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The most important reason why we chose Judy Lindsay Team Realty was the trust, knowledge, honesty & integrity of Tim. Tim is a fantastic agent. Not only is he personable, he is tremendous at communicating & keeping his customers up to date on status of open houses, offers, etc.
Wendy J. Miller
Great teamwork & help. All around very professional. Allan is a great team leader.
Peter & Jennifer M.